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Music Player - MP3 Player
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Sound Meter - Decibel Meter
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Light Meter - Lux Meter
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Weather Forecast - Weather Radar

About us

CoolExp is short for Cool Experience Apps.
We have many years of experience in Android application programming.
We focus on utility tools: music player, video editor, weather forecast, recording, ...
Our motto is: make tools easy to use, understand and convenient for you.

Our apps

Music Player - MP3 Player (+25.000.000 installed)
Play mp3 and all song formats, powerful equalizer

Sound Meter - Decibel Meter (+800.000 installed)
Measure noise level in your environment

Light Meter - Lux Meter (+600.000 installed)
Measures light intensity

Weather Forecast - Weather Radar (+800.000 installed)
Weather forecast - easy to use but professional with weather radar

Contact us

Any feedback on app errors, app improvement suggestions, please send to email: alonecoder75@gmail.com